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Dara house will be a healing community for college age women recovering from the trauma(s) of sexual violence.  The mission of Dara House is to provide a safe and loving environment in which survivors have access to a multitude of support services during their healing journeys.  Developed primarily as a house of restoration, Dara’s program will provide short-term housing and support services such as meditation/mindfulness practices, yoga classes, mental health services, legal counseling, nutrition and physical education, and many more. 


The vision of Dara House is that women heal individually and collectively while living in a safe community of healing.  We seek to empower sexual assault survivors by:

  •     Providing a safe, pleasant home environment based on a community living model;
  •   Helping survivors understand the trauma they have experienced;
  •   Providing educational and healing opportunities for survivors and the Nashville community;
  •   Fostering self-understanding through personal and spiritual growth;
  •   Providing life-skill building and maintenance education. 

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